Sunday, March 16, 2008

Family Photo

Vaca and Bikram

I must say it has been wonderful to have the week off. Ryan's sister's and their families were in town for the week, so we spent a lot of time with them and Audrey got to play with her cousins - which she loved.

I got to do some Bikram - which I loved. I did not get to do the much anticipated mini-challenge due to scheduling conflicts, but I did get to go a few more times than normal and during the middle of the day rather than either early morning or late night, so that felt really good. In fact, I made some progress in the triangle posture.

Let me give some back ground info. Jim - my usual teacher - is very concerned that you do postures the right way rather than doing them all the way. As he always says, "10% of the posture 100% correct will give you the full benefit of the posture." So in triangle, Jim really emphasizes getting low and opening up your hips rather than touching your fingers to the floor. So for the last couple of months I have been just working on getting a deeper and lower stretch. Then on Monday and Wednesday I had Paul as my teacher. He watched me do the triangle the first time and then said, "Ok people, I know Jimini has you all scared to reach while in triangle, but if your leg is parallel to the floor you should be able to touch the floor in proper form." Which he then demonstrated. Let me just say that Paul's demonstrations are amazing!

Clearly he was talking to me, because my leg is parallel, so I tried it, but I didn't try it too far, because I was still afraid of doing the posture incorrectly. However, last night, when I had Jim as my teacher again, I figured I would try and touch the floor, because if I really was doing it wrong he would definitely tell me. And voila, I touched the floor and sure enough, it was a piece of cake because I was definitely low enough! Yay!! I was so excited I nearly lost my balance and fell over. "Act cool" I kept saying to myself. As soon as I got out of class I called William and left a very excited message on her machine.

Oh and also, after class on Wednesday, Paul said I had a really great practice!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Life is good here in the DMV (DC, MD and VA). Work is keeping me busy and I am still enjoying my job - which is good since Ryan has quit his job and is going to start being the Stay-At-Home-Dad at least until he starts law school in the fall. Which is of course big news in and of itself, Ryan got into George Mason Law School - the evening program. We are thrilled - this means other than Ryan getting to actually move forward toward his career goals, there aren't going to be any huge disruptive changes (like moving, changing jobs, etc.) for our family.

Also, Genny, my sis, is still living with us and going to watch Audrey for a few hours each week in return for room and board.

A friend of mine started a ladies book club and that has been so much fun! Our first book was "A Thousand Splendid Suns", our second book was "Eat Pray Love" and our next book is "Absurdistan". At the last book club I tried a pomegranate martini for the first time. I really liked it, it wasn't at all sweet and fruity - which I don't really like - it was just good. I better ask Susie what type of pomegranate juice she used so I can make it some other time for myself.

Here is the recipe:
1 part pomegranate juice (I will post when I know what kind)
2 parts good vodka

Shake with ice, then pour into glasses and add a splash of club soda.

Last weekend, we went and visited my Aunt and her family including kids in North Carolina. The trip was interesting, Audrey picked up some unfortunate behaviors from the slightly older girls - like answering her mama with "No! Never!" so she is getting into lots of trouble these days. Plus she is sick from being with other kids who were sick - blast. She had a great time at the children's museum near Duke University. It was really neat - they had an amazing butterfly room.

In other news, I am doing another mini-Bikram challenge next week. I am taking next week off because my family-in-law is in town. While there will be lots of fun family time, I am also going to try to make it to yoga everyday, because it just feels amazing to get to go that often.

The next week I am going to Newport, Rhode Island for work. It's a quaint town, that would be especially nice to visit in the summer... Unfortunately there are no nearby Bikram studios, so I won't be able to go while on travel (somehow William manages to travel to places with Bikram, I don't).