Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Little House on the Prairie*

Meredith and I try to go to story time at the library every week and while we were there last week, I browsed the cook book section and grabbed a  book called My Prairie Cookbook by Melissa Gilbert.  With Meredith in tow, I usually judge every book by its cover or I preorder (which I love that my library does this for free) and just pick up things for my reading.  Sometimes I get lucky and really like what I grab, other times, not so much.

Prairie Peach Cobbler from this wonderful cookbook.
This time, I discovered a gem!  This is a delightful book with Melissa sharing memories and pictures from her time in the tv series Little House on the Prairie.  And what is even more lovely is I tried a recipe - Prairie Peach Cobbler and it was really good.  Seriously, this book is a gem for anyone who loves the LHOTP series and likes good american food.

Reading the book brought back so many fond memories of the LHOTP show.  So I watched an episode of it with the girls and they liked it too.  Of course, this made me want to binge watch the entire 9 season series, but that is only possible for purchase, so I put the digitally released seasons on my wishlist and the LHOTP marathon will just have to wait.

*affiliate link means that if you buy it on Amazon after clicking my link to the item, I get some Amazon money, but I am not sure how much because no one ever has.  It does not affect the price you pay, and I am clearly not getting paid for this endorsement of this library book. :)

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Spring Break and Easter Activities

Hand knit eggs are one of my girls favorite Easter decorations.  I hide them to keep Meredith busy, just for fun. I made these two with Opal sock yarn, using my own pattern (available for free here).  The coloration turned out lovely. 

For Audrey's spring break the girls and I went to visit my sister in Asheville, NC.  What a lovely place.  This is downtown, the Chocolate Lounge is right behind the girls riding pigs.

While we were there we went hiking twice, both times in the Pisgah National Forest. It was absolutely beautiful.  

We got back just in time to do a few Easter activities at our house, we dyed eggs and put crazy face stickers - the girls are trying to make silly faces too.

The highlight of every Easter is probably the egg roll.  Grandma Margie has a few plastic rain gutters she keeps just for this purpose, we duct tape them together and roll eggs and cars down the ramps, through a tunnel, and out a jump.  This time the egg roll started on the stairs.