Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bicyle update - 1k miles

"Grandpa Kansas" (my dad) trying out my bike with little Meri (July 2015)
We have biked over 1,000 miles! I am amazed by that number, I'm not an athlete or anything fancy but thanks to the wonders of technology (thank you electric assist), I can ride my bike with kids up and down hills like a boss. And the best part is, it is seriously 1,000 miles of fun.  We have managed to fit 3 kids and a bike (with a flat tire) on the back in order to make it back to the house after swim team practice.  For summer swim team practices on Friday mornings, me and all of the neighborhood kids (ages 12, 11, 10, 8, 4, and 3) rode the three miles each way to the pool.  It was harrowing at first because they were all learning how to ride on the rode and I was yelling the whole time to stay in line, stay to the right, etc. But by the end of the summer, the kids had it and we all had a great time.

Now that it is school season again, we ride Audrey to school and then ride Meredith to preschool. Most days Audrey rides her own bike, but when we are running late, or if she is tired, she hops on the back and she and Meredith sing the whole way to school.  It is so much fun.

I originally got this bike because Mr. Money Mustache convinced me of the good value of bicycle travel and I thought it would be a great way to add some exercise into my daily life with the kids.  I had no idea how it would improve my mood and just make me a happier person on the days that I get to ride. We get fresh air, sunshine, exercise, songs, conversation, all while getting from point A to B. Bikes are life affirming awesomeness.