Friday, October 31, 2008

Best Swap Spoiler ever!!

I just have to post pics of the most amazing and generous and thoughtful swap package I've ever received (which is saying something, because I have had some really awesome swap spoilers).
But JoAnn, this was amazing. This package had: a book of dishcloth patterns, because I mentioned I would like some, another knitting book "Knit 2 Together" which is already distracting me from my required study time, a *huge* skein of lovely cotton yarn - I think I am going to make the bathmat in the Knit 2 Together book with it, KnitPicks 14" size 10 harmony wood straight knitting needles (again, I have totally been wanting to try their sticks), the yarn cutter that I really wanted for travel, some great pumpkin spice soap, a bag of Halloween colored M&Ms (which Audrey has quickly claimed as her favorite potty treats), 2 bags of trail mix (we will be bringing these on our apple picking adventures tomorrow), purple witch socks (I wore them to work on Thursday), a purple bat dishcloth and scrubbie and if all that wasn't an amazing package - she also sent a hand crocheted grocery getter bag.

Seriously - thank you! You have set the bar so high for paying it forward on my next swap :).

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Decorating for Halloween

Audrey and I read quite a few library books about Halloween at the end of September. In all of them the characters were making decorations for Halloween and putting them around their house. So a few weeks ago, she woke up wanting to make Halloween decorations to decorate our house.

This is the banner that I came up with. It is actually a bit of a banner from Target that had cool lettering and the rest is bits we got at Michaels.

It turned out just fine (I am not a crafty perfectionist on things like this), but I do wish I had done the project on felt instead of foam - what was I thinking. Oh well, it turned out pretty well despite being made of nasty foam - and most importantly, Audrey *loves* it.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Christmas crafting

I am already thinking of all the xmas presents I would love to make. Of course, non of the things I am about to mention are actually going to happen this year, due to lack of time, but I thought I would write down my thoughts, in case I have a little more time next year. :)

Audrey: Wee wonderfuls doll, we love to look at the photos of the beautiful dolls others have made here. Everytime we look at the photo group Audrey asks if we can get one of these nice dollies for herself.

Ryan: His scarf - this might actually happen, I have been working on it slowly throughout the year.

Genny: a corduroy quilt - she really loves corduroy.

William: A fancy and warm shawl/scarf in some super thin cashmere yarn - go for broke right :).

Mom: A kitchenaid cozy. I have been keeping my eyes open for a pattern, but have yet to see anything I want to make.

Dad: A skinny sweater - he has recently lost a lot of weight (yay dad!). I am thinking maybe the one with the flames on the arms from Stitch n' Bitch Nation, since he has also recently started riding his motorcycle again.

MIL: an afgan.

Me: a sweater (tbd), a cashmere skully scarf and cap (i already have the yarn).

Ben: a denim quilt - i actually have been collecting the denim to do this for a while. I made a denim quilt for William a couple of years ago and was planning to make one for my bro too, but... then I went back to work and it just never happened - maybe someday.

Mary Merna: a denim and khaki quilt (apparently I think everyone needs a good denim blanket in their lives).

House: I would also really like to make a knitted banner for my house. No pattern per se, but I have an idea in my head already.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Toys for adults

Yesterday was Christmas in October for me.

We have been talking about buying a freezer for years - and by 'we' I mostly mean me with an occasional nod from Ryan. Well, finally, with Ryan in school and me working full-time we decided to get one so that we can make the most of any meals we do cook, by freezing some for a less cooking day and so that we can make the most of the partially cooked meal options available as well.

Thank you Costco, we got a great price our beautiful freezer.

Also, last week when G moved out, I went to go vacuum her old room and voila our vacuum stopped working. This isn't really a surprise. We got this hand-me-down, workhorse of a vacuum from my in-laws when they were done with it and buying a new vacuum for themselves - 5 years ago. We have certainly been on borrowed time with it for awhile. Even so, I had no idea how much vacuums cost, man they are expensive. We went with the Dyson DC-24. It is a small vacuum and it is AWESOME!!

I had no idea how dirty our carpets had become. I seriously was having so much fun vacuuming our house yesterday because I was in shock at how much better they looked when I was done. Plus the vacuum rolls on a ball, which at first I was not used to so I just vacuumed as I usually do. Until I got to Audrey's round rug. This vacuum was awesome on it. I wasn't fighting with the rug and the vacuum to keep it on, it just stayed. It was awesome. I am in love, I want to vacuum everything in my whole house.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Breaking News!!

While reading the Yarn Harlot, I saw this...
Obama holding a half-finished knitted sock. Knitters are crazy and so much fun. Things like this make me proud to call it my hobby of choice. :)

Caveat: I am not making any sort of political comment with this post, just posting for fun.

Fall thoughts

One thing I love about fall, is the feeling that comes over me to really get my house in order. I love house projects anyway, but fall really gets me feeling harvesty. So in celebration, Audrey and I are going to head to Costco and buy a freezer. I heart food storage.

(Tangentially speaking: I have wanted a freezer for years, but now with Ryan in school and me working full time, we really want to take advantage of healthy partially premade meals and freeze meals when we do could so that we won't have to do cook or eat out nearly as often, but still get healthy and cheaper food. I could go on and on about how excited I am for this purchase, but that is another post for another time.)

And Ryan and I have come up with a new plan to keep our house a little cleaner with him in school and me working. Inspired by flylady, I am going to empty the dishwasher each morning before I leave and Ryan will fill it during the day. Simple and hopefully effective. Now if we could just come up with a similar system for laundry.

On the knitting front, Audrey's sweater is coming along and she almost has two sleeves to go with those shoulders. Also, I have given myself a bribe for passing my PMP course for work - I get to something from my wishlist. I am thinking either the Mason Dixon knitting book or the Holiday Knits book or some beautiful yarn for a sweater for me, I haven't quite decided. I am waiting until I finish to decide. Now if I could only get myself to study...