Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A mile a day!

That is my new fitness mantra. It is really just to make sure I "start" moving everyday, even just a little bit. And the funny thing is, once you start, usually you keep going.

So that's it "a mile a day" - in whatever way (walk, run, climb, hike, swim, stair step, bike, eliptical, canoe, etc.). Yesterday, Audrey and I walked 2 miles (I love Leslie Sansone's walking videos), because we were going to walk one and why not just keep going.

Want to join me?

Monday, March 02, 2009

RV show

Yesterday Audrey and I drove down to the Fredricksburg RV show. It was awesome!

In addition to my favorite, airstreams, they had all kinds of RVs to meet every taste and budget. Audrey was an awesome show buddy. She was excited to explore every single RV. She was polite and said excuse me more often than not when she got in someone's way and she did exactly what I asked the first time, without fussing. It was a good day.

But even better than just being a well behaved child, she was a good friend. For example, when we saw some of the really large RVs with washer/dryer sets in them, I exclaimed, wow, look at that, a washer/dryer inside the RV. And Audrey responded, wow that is really neat mama. Seriously, she was like this the whole time. She got excited for bunk beds in the family friendly rooms and hopped onto all the couches and said things like, oh mama, this couch is really comfy, i like this one. or oh my gosh mama, a tent bed!

This was our first day on the pantry challenge (to spend $60 or less for food this month) and this is a typical place that I would end up buying crappy food at the concession area, but just ending up feeling hungry for something better and so stopping at a restaurant before heading home. Thereby spending not once, but twice for more or less the same meal.

This time however, I came prepared. Before we left, we had scrambled eggs as our mid-morning snack and I made pb&js for the show and cut up an apple and we both grabbed our water bottles. About an hour or so into the show, Audrey says she is hungry, so we go out to our car and sit in the backseat of the van, Milanya, bundled in blankets and eating our sandwhiches. It was actually a lot of fun and it reminded me of doing this exact same thing, but in our family van - Frufru - a white 68 volkswagon camper. Good times.