Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bikram mini-challenge

My sister William is coming to town and while she is here, we are going to do a mini-Bikram challenge.

I figured there are very few times where I will have a willing partner to go with me everyday, a babysitter and the time off to actually go to yoga everyday. So over Christmas break we are hoping to go everyday that they are open.

I am hoping to just jump start my fitness routine for the new year - which I am hoping will include Bikram every weekend.

The problem I have now is I go so sporadically that it always feels like I am starting over.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mom's bag

Since my mom knows that I am working on a bag for her, I figured it is okay to talk about it.

To be honest, this has been a fantastic learning tool for me, so I feel a little bad giving my mom my practice bag.

I learned how to use dpns (double pointed needles) and how to knit on circular needles too. I also learned how to weave a new ball of yarn onto an existing one without a knot. I have learned yarn overs and knit two together, basically it is a very loose lace pattern.

The idea was to knit a green "green bag" ie a reusable grocery bag for my mom. Here is a picture of the progress to date.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Recently we went to put on some Christmas music on my ipod only to discover that my 2nd generation ipod is now officially dead!

Which is okay because lets face it they have come a long way since then and I want to be able to watch shows on it on travel too. So onto the wish list it goes.

To be honest though, an ipod is not nearly the necessity it was several years ago (when I took the metro to work) and it has been months since I last used mine, so I should perhaps make it a low priority acquisition.

One of the reasons for this is my discovery of which is really the coolest thing ever. It is free and it reads your mind and plays music you love and introduces you to new music that you also love. You get to create your own commercial free radio stations with it. So far I have a holiday one - awesome mixes of sinatra and dave matthews; a justin timberlake one - dance on; an r&b one - for my inner soul sista; and a vivaldi - violins and love.

Tell me what radio stations you have if you use pandora.

Weavette Looms

My grandma Foster has a blanket made out of these little woven squares that is awesome. She even lent me her original Weave-It loom at one point so I could make one too. But I was in college and didn't really have the time to devote to it. Plus, hers was a nice wool blanket and the yarn that I saw at that point in my life was all acrylic - which didn't seem worth the effort.

So imagine my delight when I discovered that someone ( has started making these delightful little looms again. The only problem is - they have been sold out for a very long time. I am even tempted to get a rectangle (2x4 or 2x6) one to make bookmarks since that is the only kind they have in stock - plus a blanket with a subway tiles look might be pretty snazzy. But what I really want is the square one.

So for any of you thrift shop/garage sales goers - if you happen to see a weave-it loom for sale - please think of me. :)

Xmas shopping complete

You read that right - I am done shopping for presents and even stocking stuffers. Yippee!

The funny thing is that I really enjoy Christmas shopping, but I don't like shopping during the rush - feeling pressure to find the "perfect" thing, waiting in miserable lines and fighting for a parking spot - I will pass on all of that.

Unfortunately I am not finished making Xmas presents - so I spend my extra hours knitting furiously in an attempt to get things done in time. Luckily, that part involves a nice cup of tea and a cookie rather than the other frantics mentioned above.

Oh also, a shout out to Genny - who wrapped all the presents (even hers)! They are now pretty under the tree.