Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bikram mini-challenge

My sister William is coming to town and while she is here, we are going to do a mini-Bikram challenge.

I figured there are very few times where I will have a willing partner to go with me everyday, a babysitter and the time off to actually go to yoga everyday. So over Christmas break we are hoping to go everyday that they are open.

I am hoping to just jump start my fitness routine for the new year - which I am hoping will include Bikram every weekend.

The problem I have now is I go so sporadically that it always feels like I am starting over.


Principessa said...

So have you invested in a good speedo since you'll be doing bikram yoga so often? ;)How do you hold any pose being that sweaty, I just imagine people sliding all over their mats!

Anonymous said...

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