Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tips for travel to Iraq

Things to bring: flashlight - power is spotty when it is there, even in the nice places; lock - there are various lockers and they are not that secure, but better than nothing; flipflops - or somesort of shower shoe; towel, pillow, sheets, etc.; rugged shoes; khaki pants - otherwise you just won't fit in - trust me i didn't; sunglasses - really good ones; power converters/adaptors (several); sunscreen - regular and travel size; around the neck travel pouch for the essential documents (passport, etc) that you must have at the ready at all times; patience and a sense of humor - the key to all good travel.

Things not to bring: blowdryer - it will most likely take care of that pesky electricity problem you had for a few minutes; heels; nice clothes - things just smell weird when they get home; luggage on wheels - go for a large backpack - but not too large, you will carry it a lot.