Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Recently I realized that I live in a silent house. We don't have any radio or anything except my ipod and computer. So I went down to the basement and got Ryan's old stereo with a cd player and speakers and brought them upstairs and hooked them up and viola... the stereo only plays AM radio. So today I am going to try to add on an FM antenna and then I am going old school and getting some of my cds out and I am going to listen to music again - yay!

Speaking of going old school - the salvation army near my house has a huge selection of albums (vinyl records) for $1 each. Most of them are pretty random, but the other day I found some of my all time favorite and I just couldn't resist. I came home with the Footloose and Flashdance soundtracks. I am so excited about these albums. There is just one hitch - I don't have a record player... Oh well, I can still work on my record collection sans record player.

I also recently realized that I don't really like most kids music. Poor Audrey - the music that I consider to be kids music "for both of us" is the classical stuff. I went online and found a good list of kids music for adults who don't really like kids music and I added it to Audrey's wish list. I may end up purchasing some of it myself just so we can have some good stuff to enjoy together.

And since this post is becoming a hodge podge, I will also share a little known fact - my favorite musical genre is R&B. Audrey and I listen to R&B almost exclusively on the radio in the car. I think I must have been black in a former life.

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