Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tumbleweed Houses

I like the idea of small houses, and truthfully I think my own house is a little big right now. I enjoy the coziness of being close to the ones you love in everything you do - for better and for worse. Also, I am really annoyed by the hugeness of nearly all home builders. Do I really have to buy a 3500 sq ft home, just to get a pantry - I don't need a music room, a media room and a library, just an extra closet type space in or near the kitchen - heck I'll even add my own shelves? But I digress.

Back to little houses, Tumbleweed was started by a fellow who lives in a house that he built that is 96 sq ft. This is a little on the extreme for me. But I do like his biggest house plan. Which is incidentally probably the smallest I would actually consider for my family (just about 850 sq ft). It is called the B-53 and it is so cute - an arts and crafts style. Of course, I would add the third bedroom and call that the library/office/crafts/game/guest room (clearly it would need some good shelving) :).

And for anyone else who enjoys floorplans as much as I do, I am including the floor plan.

As an added bonus, can you just imagine how small you power bills would be for heating and cooling a place this size, plus even on a city lot, you could still have a good yard to play on and grow some delicious produce. My frugal sensibilities are all aflutter at the very thought of the cool fruit trees I could grow and the delicious vegetables.

I think I would also want a garage and of course - a pantry :).

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Hi Madame,

I saw a link for this article recently and the dreamy houses are close to SEATTLE (hint, hint :-D)