Friday, July 17, 2009

Push-Up Fever

My cube mate at work - Mdolole - is quickly becoming one of my favorite people. I mentioned to him that I was trying to do a few push-ups. He said casually that he does 25 push-ups before he gets in the shower. No matter when he showers, even if it is 2 times that day - he does 25 push-ups first.

Well, that number - 25 got stuck in my head. So now I am trying mightily to get to 25 push-ups. Right now, I am at 5 real ones or 15 knee ones.

Anyone care to join me?


Madame said...

Clearly no one but me wants to do this, but I am up to 10! real push ups. yay!

Anonymous said...

I'll play!