Friday, March 25, 2011


Since I set my garden resolution I have been diligently saving all fruit and vegetable scraps and putting them into my new composter. Hopefully it will work well for this year, but if not, it will no doubt be extremely useful for next year.

Ryan has been less enthusiastic about the garden goal since he realized it includes a bowl of rotting produce on the counter (his words not mine). I think he will come around when we actually start harvesting gardeny deliciousness.


EKD said...

Good luck to you! When we used the counter top bin, I got a lot of new ant friends. That's why I am all over the idea to make one for right outside our back door. I need to get on that already, so we can have "black gold" for next season!!

Sylvan said...

Madame, I think you're right about Ry coming around once garden wonders begin to appear at the table.