Thursday, July 14, 2011

32 weeks and counting...

I think we are past the point of no return, we are going to be surprised for this baby.

The pregnancy is moving along beautifully. Aside from it being hot and a bit miserable nearly every time I step outside, I feel good. I am eating well, drinking lots of water, milk and prenatal tea and trying to get lots of sleep.

I am going to have the baby at a birthcenter with midwives instead of at the hospital and I am super excited for that. I might even do a waterbirth, since each birth room has a huge and deep tub.

Also, we are planning on doing cloth diapers the whole time with this little one. And the cloth diapers these days are so cute. I am hesitant to get too gender specific just yet, but once I can, I am going to get some really cute covers. You can see my neutral favorites at:


EKD said...

Sounds like a fun adventure! You'll have to share your water birth experience, if that's what happens. Those diapers look like the BumGenius ones I have always kept my eye on. Didn't you do some cloth diapering with Audrey?

And Happy Birthday!!!

Sylvan said...

Too excited to meet the new addition of the family!!!