Friday, May 01, 2015

Bicycle Milestones

Meredith eating her applesauce while waiting for Audrey's school to let out.

We have ridden 500 miles since I got the bike!!  I have become a much better rider and I am not afraid to take the road - in the middle of the day in good weather conditions - we all have our comfort zones...

Monkey bars and one seat cozy.
I also finally installed the Monkey Bars and crocheted seat cozies for the bench seat pads.  The seat cozies were so much fun to make, I used acrylic, and I feel like this is where acrylic shines, outdoor bike seat cover - perfect. Rain, dirt, sweat, feet, no problem. I made these to be easily removed and washed for another round.  It was a super simple job, I just did three granny squares, joined them together and then went around them a few times without adding any extra stitches.  That made them kind of pillow up, just like the seat pad.  Then I left 4 gaps where the seat pad straps are and removed stitches for the next few rounds to make it fold in on itself and it really hold to the seat pad quite nicely.

top of the cozy before I strapped it to the bike
underside of the seat cozy, hugs the seat pad to help it stay put
With the monkey bars installed I was also able to put the bread basket back on the front.  I find it is more useful than the big pannier for small everyday loads, like backpacks and snacks.  It can hold up to 50 pounds because it is attached to the frame, so I can really throw just about anything in it, no problem. I am thinking about doing a basket cozy of some sort, why not add a bit more pizzaz.  I feel like the more visible we are, the safer we are.

I love this bike, it has been transformative for us.  We all enjoy it so much more than the car for errands (in good weather).  However, when the electric assist battery dies, I may look for a different bike altogether because it is not a true step through.  The bar is low enough, just barely, for me to get my leg over it (and it is not my most graceful move let's just say). It is easier still if I tilt the bike a bit, but that gets tenuous when fully loaded with kids and gear.  Back in the days when Meredith rode on the front, in the ibert, I used to swing my leg around the back before Audrey got on, but that is not possible with the monkey bars.  So the mount/dismount it really not as easy as I would like it to be and it turns out I stop and check things out on the side of the road a lot more often than in a car, in a good way -  look! pinecones, a flower, a penny, a beaver, fireflies, etc.


Sylvan said...

I am so proud of you and this achievement! 500 miles, that is AWESOME!! The seat cozy is beautiful as well as :-) Meredith looks so relaxed...just kicking it while enjoying are supergirls! I love you all xo xo xo

CS said...

Wow! Brilliant crafting, and way to live life slow and yet efficient!