Saturday, April 12, 2008

Paul class - aka my triangle is getting better

Paul is one of my favorite Bikram teachers. He is really tough. Lately, he has been on vaca for about a month and I usually only make it to one of his classes per week, so last night was my first night back in his class. I could barely walk after the class because my muscles were so spent. Today, I am so sore, but in a good way.

William and I have talked about what makes Paul such a good teacher. I think it is that he really watches you during the whole class. And he will generally correct people in between sets of savasanas by demonstrating the proper way to do it. His demonstrations are amazing because he is just so muscley, you can actually see each muscle working the way it is supposed to in the posture.

Last time I was in his class he told me to reach for the floor in the triangle, so I did and was surprised that I could touch. Last night he came over and corrected my arm positioning, which is nice since you can't really see if you are doing it right when you are looking up at the ceiling rather than in the mirror.

Long story short, Paul's once a week class really helps me take big steps and Jim's classes help me really practice all the little things to get me ready for Paul's class.

I may have mentioned this before, but I am no longer using the ball at all (help prop to protect one's knees) in the fixed firm pose. I can sit between my knees and my butt now touches the floor!!

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