Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Year's Resolution

This year I have a couple of new year's resolutions that I am comfortable sharing.

1) finish painting our house - this is one of those things that drives me secretly insane. The main living level of our house is painting and I love the colors, our bedrooms are painted, but no where else. The crazy thing is - I have the paint - and yet my house is still builder's white. This year I hope to conquer the white walls and bring on the beige.

2) knit a pair of socks. Everyone raves about sock knitting - it is portable, practical and makes fantastic gifts. So I just ordered (<3 some small needles and a book (why they are not sold at a normal craft shop is a mystery to all) - I already have yarn thanks to my dad for my b-day last year :). I can see this as something, I will really enjoy and if that is the case - you can pretty much guess what everyone is getting as gifts this year. :)

3) complete a half-marathon. originally i had every intention of running it with my bro and sis - but i happen to be a little plumper than either of them and apparently my knees don't appreciate the extra weight, so i am planning on walking it. yay for walking.

4) job happiness. i haven't been happy professionally for a while and i am not sure what needs to happen to change that. maybe a serious change of attitude, maybe a serious change of scenery. whatever it is, i am going to go for the simplest solution first and take it from there.

The it would be nice list...
1) make the backyard more usable - fence it off, and put in pavers, cement a patio, something, and if i can manage all that plant a garden :)
2) make the front yard even and plant new grass. we kind of gave up last year, hopefully this year will turn out better.


Desiree said...

It would be fun to hear what the secret goals are since the public ones are so big! (Not really prying, just musing.)

Sylvan said...

I miss you :-(

la_sale_bete said...

oh, madame! i hope it's turning out to be a good year so far!