Friday, February 27, 2009

Using our pantry

My friend Mary just finished a month of *no* spending. Pretty impressive.

So Ryan and I are going to try our version this month. We are not cutting out all spending, because to be honest, we don't really spend much on superfluous stuff anyway. Instead we are going to try to limit our food expenditures for the entire month to $60! That will basically cover: milk, eggs and a loaf of bread or two.

We haven't done any real preparation for the month, because the point for us is mainly to use up some of the food we have stockpiled away in our pantry and freezer. I will be shocked if we are able to get through it all in one months time.

Also, lest anyone be worried that we will not be eating healthy, our CSA share starts next week and we will be getting 2 boxes of farm fresh in season produce during the course of the month. We may become vegetarians in an attempt to eat it all, but at least we will be healthy.


sunsetandcamden said...

Good luck on this! I think it will really help to have the fresh produce coming in. By the end of the month, we were eating all frozen fruits and veggies. 3 days ago, my neighbor brought us a bucket full of carrots fresh from his garden and it was the greatest thing! He had no idea.
I think we should try something similar with you because we still have SO much food stockpiled from last month. With just a few supplemental things, we could probably make it another month.

Desiree said...

Good luck. I had fun reading about Mary and Jason's challenge it will be fun to see how you and Ryan handle it.

GrittyPretty said...

great goal!