Thursday, December 29, 2011


I did it! Almost three months after Meredith's birth and I finally went jogging for the first time. It felt awesome.

I have a new jogging stroller and I tried to use it last week but Meredith *hated* it do much that I had to turn around and bring her back. Today I went sans baby - just me and Audrey - because my mom is here for the holidays and was happy to watch her while I went. Also I got some great new gear that helped. I got a new pair of asics gel kayano 17 shoes, fancy compression socks and a muscle roller for afterwards. Those 3 things made a world of difference. Hopefully this is the first of many good runs to come.


Sylvan said...

So happy to watch Meredith while I was visiting. Wish we were closer so I could do it frequently.

I was worried that I would gain weight over the holidays but I actually lost some weight - go figure. Who would've thunk that your delicious cookies were low cal?

Farrah said...

Yay for jogging! You going to do the 1/2 marathon in Chicago again? I think we might make a family trip out of it...with Genny. She will take Scarlet while we run.