Monday, January 23, 2012

Cloth Diapering

My sister Elena asked me about my cloth diaper system. As anyone who actually uses cloth diapers knows, it truly is a system - and it is constantly changing. Since I wanted to post write my thoughts on the various cloth diapers anyway, I will answer her question with this post.

With Audrey, I used fuzzibunz perfect size diapers. They work really well - they kept her dry and fit well. We never had blowouts and we rarely had leaks, when we did, it was our fault for leaving the diaper on too long. However, I *really* do not like the pockets for every diaper use - where you have to stuff an absorbent layer into the diaper and then pull it out to wash it. (I do still think they are good for night time, to be able to add an extra layer of absorbency and let the baby sleep dry all night long.)

Before Meredith was born, I decided that I was willing to do a two piece system (old school diaper and a cover) rather than stuffing. I went to the local diaper store (I am so glad we have one nearby), Abby's Lane (highly recommend using them online too - free shipping, fast processing, discounts/promos with email newsletter, points towards anything with every order), to see what my options were. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there are lots of options and that the covers now have snaps (or velcro (called aplex?)) and pins are not really needed. I bought a couple of newborn sized covers (which never fit my newborn who weighed over 10 lbs at birth) and a few hemp/cotton prefold diapers (think old school but better fabric) and considered myself ready. We ended up using disposables for her first few weeks instead because the newborn size did not fit her and the fuzzibunz we had did not accommodate her umbilical cord.

So I headed back to Abby's lane and found thirsties! I loved them. The diapers and the covers snap. The covers have gusseted legs that never blowout - so nice after having blowouts all the time with disposables. The diapers are so soft - a cotton velour on the outside and a soft micro fleece on the inside, are super absorbent, fit well, and they have this tunnel design that helps them dry quickly. Just awesome. However, having to snap both the diaper and the cover at every changing takes more time than my squirming baby will hold still for. I wished there was some sort of all in one option.

Lucky me, there are lots of all in one (AIO) diaper options. As Meredith started to grow out of her size 1 diapers at 3 months (that are supposed to last through 9 months, btw) I ordered two different AIOs to try - bumgenius freetime and grovia. The grovia is all cotton on the inside and that stays wet against the skin - I don't like that so much. The bumgenius freetime is awesome. It has the micro fleece against the skin, so it stays dry. It is possibly the perfect diaper. Thirsties just came out with an AIO of their own and I ordered one today. I have high hopes because I like the thirsties fit on Meredith better than the bumgenius fit (and they are cheaper than all the other AIOs on the market to boot!).

My system... I get a couple of thirsties wipes (love these guys) wet with water in the sink before I change Meredith. After I change her diaper, I put both the used diaper and wipe into a zip up bag (wet/dry type) that hangs on her changing table and put the new diaper on her - pretty standard stuff. I wash it all including the bag in hot water every morning. I never have to touch any messiness, I just turn the bag out into the washer and add 1 Tablespoon Rockin Green laundry soap. Then I do an additional hot rinse. I throw it all in the dryer and usually hang them (from a little octopus laundry dryer) until I use them, just to make sure every thing gets lots of air.

My system is always evolving with minor adjustments all the time. I plan to try homemade laundry soap rather than Rockin Green once I run out of it. I like the Rockin Green, but it is expensive. Also, I would like to line dry all of it - right now I do not have enough diapers to do that. I would also like to do the wash every other day, but again, that requires more diapers. I still like the diapers and cover system, and I use that to supplement the AIOs.


EKD said...

You have inspired me to give the thirsties wipes a try! Again, thanks for sharing this!

EKD said...

So you don't find the need for any sort of spray when wiping? Just water?