Sunday, October 28, 2012

To live a long life

I don't know when I decided it, but I have long held the belief that I would like to live to at least 100, maybe even 125 if I can manage to keep my witts about me and my body moving.

So am always interested to read about people who have figured out how to live a long and healthy life.

So who is with me, let's move to Ikaria.  I better start learning Greek.

I do seriously think about what it will be like to be 85.  What will I do for a living?  What will I do for fun and  where will I live?  It makes me slow down and take things at a less frenetic pace (which I have an unfortunate tendency towards).  I hope to have a great garden then and to live in a small house with friends and family nearby (I like the closeness of my townhouse community a lot, but I sure wish some of my family lived here too).  I also hope that I will get to take a good walk and a good nap most days and that I will get to make things for grand and great-grand babies.

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