Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Afghan season

This time of year, I start feeling the itch to make Afghans.  I have the big one that I am still working on.  It was my new years resolution for 2013.  I made significant progress on it, but then I started to run out of yarn for the various color stripes and I have not gone out to purchase more yet.

I have two lovely Afghans - one from each of my grandmothers.  One is white, the other is oatmeal.  Both are well made and neutral so we keep them out on couches and chairs all year long.  They are a favorite of the fort-making crew because they stretch and breath.  They are just awesome.

When I see pictures of houses with stacks of folded colorful homemade blankets and afghans, I start wanting to make some more for my own house.  I love the colorful patchwork blankets and afghans, but I often lose the courage to just let them happen willy-nilly.

These are my Afghan ideas:
-Leftover sock yarn woven into little squares on a small loom and sewed together with grey sock yarn
-cotton granny squares afghan with the blue, taupe and chocolate brown yarn scraps that i have
-hexagon granny afghan with the pinks and purple cotton yarns
-simple knit baby afghan with pinks in stripes

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