Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow days - the surprise fun

Ryan worked late tonight and then he heard a strange housing sound when he walked in the front door. It turns out the pipe to the sink in our powder room burst.

I don't use that bathroom often, so i didn't notice. However, i am not at all surprised by this. It is a definite design flaw that we mentioned as a concern to the builders... The pipes to the sink run along the outside wall of the house. We winterize the only other pipes that run on the outside of the house - the hoses.

So after we were sure it was water hissing out of the pipe, we turned the water back on long enough to fill the tubs (water for flushing) and a few other water pitchers for drinking.

Audrey was reading so I told her to use the bathroom one more time while the water was on and explained that a pipe burst in the downstairs bathroom. Her response was priceless. "I wondered what that hissing was in the bathroom this morning"... She knew!?! Something was weird and didn't say anything! and the water has been hissing into the wall for at least a day.

Luckily we know a good plummer. He offered to come tonight, but i was afraid the commotion would wake up Meredith, so he is coming in the morning. Should be a fun day. And it's another snow day.

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