Friday, February 28, 2014

Valentine Gift for my Girls

We love reading together, so for Valentine's Day I made the girls these little dragons, to go with the My Father's Dragon book set
Sparky on my computer.

The pattern (and idea) is from Susan's blog. I used Lion Brand sock-ease yarn in the cotton candy colorway on size 0 needles. She offers some modifications for making the little dragon in single ply sock yarn, but once I got started on the pattern, I just stuck to the pattern for the most part.  The dragons were pretty quick to knit up, but seriously fiddly to add all the little appendages - ears, arms, feet, wings, tail. I did most of this knitting at the kitchen table so that I could follow along with the pattern.  It was not a knit while watching a show kind of project.  
Audrey and Sparky

The girls LOVE them - which is always nice when you spend time making something.  Audrey named hers Sparky, Meri named hers Jenkins (she was trying to say dragon, but I thought she said Jenkins and it stuck).

The book was a huge hit too.  The illustrations are fun and the story is a quick read with action in every chapter.


Sylvan said...

So sweet and cute!

Elena Davis said...

So adorable!