Monday, March 03, 2014

Christmas makings - ornaments

As previously mentioned, this year I planned to make ornaments for cousin Christmas gifts. I started with the cousins on Ryan's side because we usually buy something for each of the kids, so each present I made was money saved.

I found some graph paper from my nerdy days of math fun (sometimes being a packrat is useful) and sketched out each of their names across a grid of 32 x 13 squares.  Each square represented one stitch in the middle of the ornament, and I repeated the pattern once for a total of 13 rows of 64 stitches (16 stitches on each of 4 needles).

Once I got the hang of it, the ornaments went really quite fast.  I also realized that my color work skills are still at the beginner level.

I completed all 7 ornaments for Ryan's sisters' kids and then I decided that everyone else (including my sweet girls) will have to wait another year.  I was pleasantly surprised that Audrey and Meredith were really excited by the ornaments and wanted me to make one for each of them.

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Sylvan said...

Wow! I'm so impressed...these are amazing :)