Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Career thoughts

For years, I have had teaching on my list for possible career choices.  However, I have had enough hesitations that I never felt confident enough in the choice to bite the bullet and start down that path.  Recently, however my hesitations have dissipated and I have really felt like that might just be a good career for me.  So I found a couple of career switcher programs in my state and it looks like I should be able to start the process towards a teaching license within a few months.  

I am going to try to teach secondary biology and math.  I found a federal grant program that offers money towards people teaching in math and science in low income schools.  Luckily for me, that is what I want to teach and most of the local schools qualify as low income. :)



Elena Davis said...

Sounds great Amber! I'm glad you're excited about a new career path. You and Farrah are going to be teacher buddies! (I remember you teaching me math and how great you were)

Sylvan said...

You will be a great teacher! How exciting.

narra said...

This is awesome news. You will be wonderful!