Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Audrey starts 4th grade

Audrey ready for 4th grade

Meredith ready for Amineh's house
Aren't they just precious!

silly girls, posing and making faces
The plan for awhile has been to have Meredith start at the Montessori preschool near us today too, but over the last few weeks we have just been feeling like she is a little too young.  So Friday morning, we postponed her enrollment by a year.  Then I went and talked to Amineh, the wonderful woman across the street who runs a care center in her house, and asked if she happened to have a bit of temporary room for Meredith to come in the mornings a few days a week.  As luck would have it she does, so today Meredith went to Amineh's house for the morning so that I could start studying for the Biology test that I have to take and pass before I can even apply to teach.  She was very excited and practiced her letters.

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Sylvan said...

Oh my goodness...such cutie patooties! Love Audrey's photo - getting so big. Meredith and her grandma both love their cowgirl boots...cute little video...FUN!!! Xo