Friday, September 12, 2014

Audrey the builder

Audrey built a pencil holder crate at the August Home Depot kids event.
Audrey building a tree house at the September Home Depot kids build event.
Audrey and Jacob (our neighbor) at the HomeDepot Sept kids event.
Audrey has been talking about designing and building her own house for many months now, maybe even years.  So in order to get her some basic building skills for free and to let her see if she actually enjoys it, I have taken her to the monthly Home Depot kids workshops.  So far she has loved it and walks away wishing she could build something bigger and more complex.  

All of her talk about building reminds me of how Claire and I used to talk about building our houses right next door to each other when we grew up.  We would come up with new designs nearly every Sunday during church service.  We each made sure to grab a program and we would draw our designs on that.  It was a lot of fun.  I remember one design idea in particular that still makes me smile - the teddy bear shaped house.  Only a kid would think that is an optimal house design...
Meredith hamming it up in Walmart.

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Sylvan said...

Madame you are doing such a fine job raising talented and resourceful "Little Women." I'm so proud of you... xo