Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Kids say the damndest things

We were driving to school a few weeks ago - prior to getting Big Blue - and Meredith brought her baby doll, Shelly Sheryl along with Shelly Sheryl's car seat into the car for the wait in the car line.  (Incidentally, both she and Audrey like to bring their babies on Big Blue too, but the babies get put into the panniers and randomly call out things like - "I wish I could see something!")

Meredith pulled Shelly Sheryl out of the car seat and handed Shelly Sheryl to Audrey and forcefully told Audrey to hold her and make her talk. So Audrey says in a sweet little baby doll voice, "I am so glad I don't have to sit in my damn car seat anymore."

I thought I must have heard that wrong, so I asked Audrey to repeat what she said and sure enough, Audrey was making Shelly Sheryl cuss.  It was so funny I was busting a gut trying not to laugh out loud as I informed Audrey that she wasn't supposed to say damn like that.

Meredith and a slightly shaken Shelly Sheryl...

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Sylvan said...

Ha! Ha! Too funny...loves it :-)