Thursday, October 16, 2014

Our first crash

Audrey rode her own bike to school yesterday and I rode Big Bleu with Meredith on the front. The rain held off until we got back but then it was raining most of the day. Luckily the rain cleared as we needed to leave the house to get Audrey, but the ground was rather wet.

Big Bleu in the garage, safe and sound.
While Audrey wiped her seat and handle bars dry, I warned her against going too fast, especially around the first corner, which is a sharp steep turn. So of course, that is right where she fell. She landed in the grass, so she was quite lucky, except for one thing.  She landed on a previously sprained pinky and that really hurt. She couldn't really ride her bike, so I did just what any person with a cargo bike would do, I strapped the bike into the back of mine. The only tricky thing was that my only way to tie up the bike was a bungee net that was holding the back pack.  After a bit of pulling and tugging it worked. 

We were quite the scene, a kid in front, a kid in back with a backpack and an extra bike attached to the back.  We went slowly up and down our hills, but we went! It was awesome.  I love having such a functional bike!

The bungee net that I wrapped around the back of my bike and the front of Audrey's.

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Sylvan said...

Ouch!! Poor Audrey's finger :-( Hope it's feeling better now. xo