Sunday, May 17, 2009


Everyone knows that taking the stairs is a great way to get and stay in shape.  But that doesn't mean that everyone does it.  I know this because while I will take the stairs up one or two flights gladly, I rarely take the stairs for more than that.  

Well at my new job, everyone takes the stairs up to our office on the 9th floor - by choice.  And the even crazier thing is they all *run* the stairs.  

So in an effort not to look like a fool, and because I give into peer pressure, I now take the stairs as often as I can.  My hope is that I can acclimate myself so that when my boss and I happen to be in the lobby at the same time I won't die on the way up the stairs together. 


David said...

How amazing. I remember in LA while on business I'd get into a hotel and run the stairs at night and in the mornings -- up and down. I must say the only ones I would meet on those cold stairs were the spiders. It is a great way to stay and keep in shape. In fact, the step up and down is known as the Harvard step. You join a dedicated group of people, highly educated and stepping up to the plate!

Anonymous said...

Try walking up the stairs sideways!