Monday, January 14, 2013

Baby laundry

When Meredith was born we used cloth diapers and I loved buying them - we took several trips to Abby's Lane just to look around and feel the new stuff.  I loved figuring out what system worked for us and what didn't.  I love using them with the cute patterns and colors.  I love washing them, but most of all I love hanging them on the line to dry - seeing those cute little diapers all lined up - happy.  

With me back at work full-time, we mostly use disposable diapers now.  Honestly, I am barely keeping up with our regular laundry, let alone adding in an extra load.  They work just fine, but they are not great overnight.  If she wakes up in the night, I always have to change her before I feed her or else she will be wet in the morning.  

This past weekend, Ryan got the flu and all of our plans to get errands done flew out the window, so I switched back to cloth in order to conserve the few disposables that we have until I made it to the store.  Today as I hung the cloth diapers out to dry I couldn't help but smile at the cute diapers all lined up again.  

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Elena Davis said...

I was going to email about cloth diapering and was wondering how it was going. We don't do it at night either - haven't been for a while. In fact, nearly every cloth diapering family I know uses disposables for night time. We have a little shop that just opened up down the street. They sell diapers and I have to keep myself from buying all the cute designs. Are you familiar with Swaddlebees? They have the cutest prints and I am tempted to try them just because of that.