Saturday, January 26, 2013

Coffee break

I love a good cup of coffee. For me that always includes cream and sugar. The easiest, quickest and consistently delicious way to get that great cup of joe every morning is with my personal sized mr coffee machine.

It is a whole process and over years of little tweaks just this week I have finally perfected my system.

-personal sized mr coffee maker
-coffee filters (I like the unbleached)
-grinder (when I get whole beans)

-filtered water
-Costco brand medium roast world coffee blend (I like a lot of brands and blends so this changes regularly. I have tried the full gamut of coffee brands from the expensive to the generic Walmart brand. This Costco one is really good. Generally I tend to favor the medium roasts. If money were no issue I would drink Hawaiian coffee - the Kona is awesome. )
-organic sugar
-clover honey
-half and half

With the addition of this new mug, my system has finally reached completion. This mug may be kind of boring and industrial looking but when i saw it at the gift shop i knew i had to get it. It is the perfect size. It fits the whole pot of coffee with just enough room for cream. No more tweaking amounts of sugar and cream when I add the rest of the coffee. Just once and it is done. Awesome!


Elena Davis said...

Are those little Audrey hands modeling your mug of coffee?

Madame said...


Sylvan said...

Does she get to have little sips?