Friday, February 22, 2013

Finacial Gurus

I believe it has been mentioned here before, that "The Tightwad Gazette" is an awesome read and changed my perspective about money and frugality.   Amy Dacyczyn, the author, taught me some important money 101 basics - like that being frugal means spending your money deliberately and thoughtfully on whatever is most important to you rather than waste it on stuff that isn't.  Her humor and approach throughout that book made me feel like I found a long-lost friend.  The other day I grabbed my copy from my cookbook shelf in order to find the pizza dough recipe and then got to wondering what Amy is up to these days (She retired from writing the Gazette in order to spend time raising her 6 kids).  So I consulted "the Google" and found an interview of her.  She still seems like just the type of person that I would love to have over for game night and popcorn and to swap lentil soup recipes.

As I read through the comments I stumbled upon Mr Money Mustache.  This guy and his family retired early and are able to live a comfortable life on their investments.  So I started reading about his philosophies and ideas.  He is awesome!  I feel like he and his family would be another great family to have a bbq and game night with.  Cool people.  The thing I like about MMM is that he shows how small steps add up quickly.  Suddenly it seems like an easy trade.  I also like his do-it-yourself approach to things - perhaps I will put my own fence up in the backyard this year ;) or get a bicycle. 

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Elena Davis said...

I love to hear about other people's favorite blogs. I like MMM. Thank you!!