Thursday, February 07, 2013

New Favorite thing - homemade wool socks

I finished my first pair of socks.  I am now officially a sock knitter.   I can see how socks can be addictive.  They are a quick knit and very portable, not to mention functional and beautiful.  I love my new pair, they are so comfy and warm and cute.

I used Susan's recipe for the socks.  I learned that, I may need a smaller needle, they are a little baggy around the ankle (but in a comfortable way).  The next pair is already on the sticks - and the sticks are a size 0 instead of a size 1 (which is what I used for the first pair).

I also learned that I am going to need to get some new Birkenstocks to wear with my socks when things warm up a bit.  For those of you who are reading this and have known me for a while, you may well remember my old well beloved birks.  My Mom bought me my only pair of birks at Costco the summer after my senior year of high school.  I patched the cork layer with rubber cement, then the bottom with a bit of duct tape a few years after that.  To add the final touches, I painted the boring taupe suede with sunshines, rainbows, and other lovely decorations one year.  They were seriously well loved, awesome shoes.   I wore them until they were literally shredded.  Eventually I admitted defeat and they went the way of all the earth.  Recently, crocs have taken their place for the most part.  However, crocs don't show off socks like birks do.  I am feeling like birks might just be making a come back in my footwear rotation this spring.  Because I have always believed that socks and sandals go together like pb and j. :)

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