Saturday, March 16, 2013

Outside time

It is funny to see how kids love being outside.  They just instinctively want to be able to play and can stay happy with much less effort when you let them outside.  The interesting thing is, I think the same is true for adults too, to a certain extent.  I love being outside in the right conditions, shade, temperature, humidity, etc.   But even in less than ideal conditions, I am a happier person if I make it outside everyday.  So this spring and summer I am going to try to get my girls outside more often.  It is going to be awesomely fun.

We are kicking off our outdoors fun with a "staycation" ("just like SpongeBob!" was Audrey's response to the news) for her spring break this year.  Sorry folks in KS, we really wanted to make that an annual trip, but it just is not going to happen this year.   Though we would love to have visitors (especially while Audrey has no school - the last week in March).  There are several good parks nearby and we are planning some picnics, hiking, and biking.  Along with the usual playground time.  It should be fun.

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Sylvan said...

Would love to see some pictures of the outdoor time please. Does Audrey still have that wonderful curiosity about dirt? What does Meredith gravitate to outdoors: is she an observer/grasper(touch everything)?