Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easter fun

Easter morning started out with an egg hunt, opening baskets and eibleskivers - delicious!  Meredith would not try an eibleskiver - as in lips tightly closed, vigorously shaking her head against the idea.
Audrey eating an eibleskiver, Meredith coloring Sponge Bob.
This year we did a few Easter decorations.  Audrey made a beautiful Easter egg poster - it says, Easter Family and then all of our names.  I bought some pretty pink tulips for the table - fresh flowers are always so pretty.  

We went to Ryan's parents for Easter dinner and that was fun and fancy.  The girls did another round of baskets (including goodies from their generous neighbors).  We had another egg hunt and after dinner, the fabulous egg roll.  Grandma Margie has purchased a series of hardware store goodies (drainage pipes and tubes and such) and sets them up for Audrey to roll eggs, cars, and anything else she can gather.  There are races and crashes and jumps.  It is quite the amazing set up (I do realize a picture would have been good here...).

Dinner was awesome.  Margaret made a crown roast lamb - it was really good and moist and tender.  I finally made hummingbird cake from my food bucket list.  

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Sylvan said...

I was wondering why Meredith was looking a bit troubled even though she is coloring. Sounds like M is on her way to living to her middle name's sake. Her name sake was such an opinionated eater aka picky eater. I used to worry that she might become malnourished as all she wanted to eat was mac and cheese.

Audrey is such a great artist! I love that Easter decoration she made. Audrey is getting so big. Her face is changing.

Love to you all, Mom