Monday, April 01, 2013

Bike rider

Today is the last day of Audrey's spring break and it is finally georgous weather.  I put Meredith in daycare so that I can work from home (I technically took the day off, but I have all kinds of year-end stuff to finish up, that doesn't get done during the normal work day).  This morning, I took Audrey outside for a bit of a break.  And just for fun, we (mostly me pushing her) decided to give bike riding a try.

She has practiced riding with her dad, a few times.  I read online about how kids in other countries learn to ride balance or scoot bikes first and then move onto pedal bikes.  So that is how we approached bike lessons this morning.  I just had her use her feet to scoot along down the small hill and get a feel for balancing on the bike.  Once she was comfortable with turning and balancing, I had her put her feet on the pedals.  After a few times down the hill, she started doing the pedals and then I taught her how the brakes work.  It was awesome.  She was so proud of herself, she couldn't stop smiling.  After she put it all together we practiced a few more times and called it a morning.  We will be taking a few more breaks throughout the day to keep up the good work.  I am so proud of little Audrey.

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Sylvan said...

Way to go Audrey!! So proud of you.
Loves, G'ma in Seattle xo