Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"What I know for sure"

Oprah does a column in her magazine with the title, "What I know for sure". I recently came across a compilation of her best of. It was interesting to read and it got me thinking, what do I know for sure?

When I was a Mormon, the list of what i knew for sure was much longer, and it was for the most part the same things that all Mormons "know for sure" - and we called that a testimony. More on this topic later...

Now however, what I know for sure is much more - well, me and simple. (Incidentally, I think it is a healthy exercise for all people to really completely change their paradigms at some point in their lives.) Back to what I know, well, it isn't much. But I know that love exists and is eveywhere around us. I know that the people who truly do love you, will love you even if you no longer believe the same things that they do - so it is best to be true to yourself. I know that life is too short and the time we have with the various people we love is fleeting. People grow up, move, change, etc., so we must treasure the moments with the loved ones in our life while we have them. I know that loving and living life to its fullest is the surest way to show our gratitude for it.

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