Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bomb Week at Work

This past week the building that I work in had bomb threats MTW and so we have been on lock down and higher security. It was quite crazy. Luckily no one was actually hurt, the bomber did not actually bomb the building and I was able to work from home for several afternoons.

One of the days when we were evacuated, my car was stuck in the garage below the building. I took Ryan's car home and he took the train. The next morning I took the train in and used the opportunity to start on the dish cloth for my secret pal. I am pretty sure she will really like it because it is going to have one of her favorite colors. I can't give any more details because I have not done a very good job of keeping myself anonymous and she could easily find her way to my blog.


EKD said...

Bomb threats!? Wow! Your job is so cool :)

Principessa said...

You don't do your original job right? What are you doing now?

I'm glad nothing happened. Did the bomber say what group they represented? Are they "violent" protesters against your company's product? That would be ironic.

Nerdy Knitter said...

Yikes bomb threats :( It reminds me of a quote from one of my favorite movies...
"Bomb, bomb bomb, bomb bomb bomb bomb, what I can't say the word bomb on an airplane" you know from Meet the Parents. I was just trying to insert humor to a bad situation. I am sorry, I am not making light of the severity. I am glad that you and everyone else were all okay.
Happy Fall into Autumn dishcloth exchange!
Your secret Pal

Madame said...

Thanks for your concern everyone. The bomber was not targeting my company, my office was just in the building with a company he was targeting. However, this week we have not had any more threats, so hopefully that drama is over.