Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cool soap site

Ok, I will admit that I have had a few less than favorable run-ins with handmade soap. While I think it is an awfully nice sentiment, I like the creaminess of a bar of dove soap. So this was the one requirement for the dish cloth swap that I wasn't really excited about. It's hard to get excited about giving something you would just as soon not get yourself - KWIM?.

But, I just found the coolest soap site with all kinds of soaps that I am actually excited to give (and to try myself). My spoilee doesn't like lavender or vanilla scents, but there are lots of other good options on here. I think I may go with the green tea soap for her and I may try the lavender or jasmine for me - we shall see. I may get a bar for my mom's bday too - she is one who actually does appreciate handmade soaps.


Principessa said...

My comment is more on the altruistic side of your post. The argument against the possibility of altruism being possible has always bothered me, because I believe the happiness from doing good things can be a bi-product of positive events without having to be the intial motivator, thus enabling the existence of altruism. I don't see how it could be otherwise. Often times when we sacrifice for someone else we don't take the time sit and reflect on how it's going to benefit us, we do it because it needs to be done or we love the person. The benefits of benificence can come naturally without being premeditated.

Dancin Queen said...

Holy cow what language was that comment in? J/k Des--

You guys have always been too smart for me!